Leadership Framework

A learning and development platform to provide flexible support to the leadership training and programmes that members already have access to.

Leadership Framework

The starting point for leadership is leading your own learning and inner personal development. As organisations need to cultivate agility amidst uncertainty this is more urgent than ever.

Women in Nuclear UK have created the ‘Nuclear-Powered Women’ platform to act as a creative resource and an invitation to become part of the story of building your personal and collective leadership power as a remarkable community of nuclear- powered women leaders.

This learning platform has been designed for you, with the aim of deepening, enhancing or igniting your leadership development path and brings together the best of the best in terms of people and materials to provide flexible support to the leadership training and programmes that members already have access to.

A cadre of phenomenal leadership development coaches, nicknamed the WiN Avengers, have worked collaboratively to shape a platform of resources that will introduce you to new leadership styles, skills and techniques, encourage you to try them, and give you the confidence to activate your learning, all in a safe space. You will hear insights and stories from those who have influenced and shaped some of the best leaders and we are delighted that our Avengers have chosen to bring their expertise and excellence to support WiN in this way.

Learning your way

Leadership is a journey of acquiring deep self- awareness, an understanding of the impact and influence you have on others, and alignment with your values, meaning and purpose. This learning platform will allow you to explore what works for you and is most relevant to you, at your own pace and convenience.

Everyone’s leadership journey is unique, personal and at different stages.  We have shaped a framework that will continue to evolve and bring new and fresh ideas to help you think about your personal leadership development, explore the opportunities and challenges you are facing and how to navigate through them so you can continue to thrive.

We invite you to be curious, to learn about yourself and to go on a journey of self -discovery. What are you waiting for..?

The framework and all supporting materials is available via WiN UK’s online shared space – The HUB – so the first step to making use of the platform is to sign up by registering as a WiN UK member at https://www.winuk.org.uk/become-a-member/ and then emailing leadership@winuk.org.uk to request access to The HUB.

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