WiN UK aims to encourage more women join the UK’s nuclear industry and help those already in the sector progress their careers in a range of roles.

To achieve this, we connect with:

  • individuals to encourage exploring nuclear career opportunities
  • employers on the benefits of diversity and addressing barriers faced by women in the workplace
  • schools, universities and other educational establishments to introduce younger people to the wide variety of careers in the nuclear industry
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Exploring opportunities in the nuclear sector

The UK’s nuclear industry has a workforce of around 75,000 people with a projected need for thousands of new recruits each year over the coming decades. Scientists and engineers are joined by a variety of business professionals in HR, finance, legal, communications, project management and many other areas.

Find out more: UK’s nuclear workforce assessment 2021

You can join the nuclear industry as an experienced worker from another sector or as a new trainee at apprentice or graduate level.

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Resources for schools and education

WiN UK ambassadors attend various events across the UK to share information on careers in the nuclear sector. If you would like more information on what options are available, contact the WiN UK team in your region.


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Resources for employers

We are always looking for ways to support organisations to improve gender balance in the nuclear sector.

Please do contact to share your ideas.

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Resources for individuals

Our regional teams organise various activities to support career development, including inspirational talks, networking opportunities, mentoring, and other events to develop your skills.

We will be launching more material to support career satisfaction and progression in the nuclear industry, so Register for free membership of WiN UK to be kept informed of new initiatives and resources.

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