North West Regional Team

The WiN North West team are working with their ambassadors and companies in their region to improve awareness of the need for gender balance and the barriers women face in the workplace, like unconscious bias. This enthusiastic team organise inspirational events, networking opportunities,  training and upskilling opportunities, as well as STEM outreach activities with younger generations.

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Regional Lead

Image of Gill Thomas

Gill Thomas

Regional Lead

Team Members

Image of Tina Bowen

Tina Bowen

Senior Advisor

Image of Cheryl Higgins

Cheryl Higgins

Comms Lead

Image of Collette Grundy

Collette Grundy

Industry Lead

Image of Jacqui Waby

Jacqui Waby

Events Lead

Image of Mark Duffy

Mark Duffy

Attraction Lead

Image of Nicole Steele

Nicole Steele

Business Support

Image of Stephen Barnes

Stephen Barnes

Stakeholder Lead

Image of Sandra Sambler

Sandra Sambler

Retention Lead Industry Focus

Image of Creshia Jones

Creshia Jones

Retention Lead Careers/Education

Image of Grace Frost

Grace Frost

Integration & Liaison Lead

Image of Rhianne Boag

Rhianne Boag

Ambassador Lead

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