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National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

National Nuclear Laboratory supports WiN UK with strategic direction and annual funding. Olivia Thompson, NNL Head of Skills and Development, is a member of WiN UK’s Strategic Advisory Group. NNL’s funding has enabled the development of this website and other activities related to WiN UK becoming an independent organisation.

National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)
Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG)

Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG)

Collaboration with NSSG aims to achieve the targets set out in the Gender Roadmap which WiN UK is delivering with advisory support from the member companies that are part of the Nuclear Sector Gender Roadmap Delivery Group.

The delivery group will:

  • collate and share best practice
  • identify initiatives which are having the most impact and areas to prioritise
  • frequently capture data in a targeted, consistent way
  • tailor initiatives to address specific regional challenges
  • measure progress against key performance indicators (KPIs)
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Commitment Pledge

Alongside the Gender Roadmap, a high-level Commitment Pledge is available for nuclear employers and individuals to pledge their support to the Nuclear Sector Deal commitment target of a 40% female workforce by 2030.

The pledge recognises collaboration across the nuclear sector to ensure evidence-based action and sharing of best practice.

Add your signature to over 170 existing signatures on the Nuclear Sector Gender Commitment.


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