Central Regional Team

The WiN Central team work closely with their ambassadors and various companies within their area to push for diversity in the nuclear sector. They organise inspirational awareness events, as well as coordinating activity to encourage the younger generation via STEM ambassador work.

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Regional Leads

Image of Karen Sagar

Karen Sagar

Regional Lead

Team Leads

Image of Celia Wighton

Celia Wighton

Team Secretary

Image of Elina Militello Asp

Elina Militello Asp

Social Media Lead

Image of Rachel Strickland

Rachel Strickland

Ambassador Lead

Image of Maddie Knight

Maddie Knight

Events & Outreach Lead

Image of Lucy Reynolds

Lucy Reynolds

Events & Outreach Lead

Image of Ellen Harper

Ellen Harper

Social Media Lead

Supporting Members

Image of Rashad Hussain

Rashad Hussain


Image of Lakshmi Rajan Bubu

Lakshmi Rajan Bubu


Image of Madeleine Knight

Madeleine Knight


Image of Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor


Image of Amy Lambden

Amy Lambden


Image of Veronique Kayem

Veronique Kayem


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