19 May 2021

WiN Central poster competition winners

Sponsored by AWE, UKAEA, and OAS

WiN Central England is proud to present the winners of the STEM poster competition! The contestants were asked to design informative and fun STEM posters with a nuclear focus to be given to schools, colleges and universities for display. We received some amazing work.

The winners were celebrated at a virtual award ceremony on 30 April 2021.

WiN Central England would like to thank the sponsors AWE, UKAEA and OAS for providing the prizes for the competition.

Winners of the Primary School category

Emily Howling1st place (£50): Emily Howling

Diamond Light Source, UK

The judges felt that this poster was well presented, great fun, simple and artistic. The poster is very clear making great use of colour, a good topical focus with simple and recognisable shapes. The judges thought that it was a great fit for the age category and the diversity of people was a nice, simple, positive message of inclusion. The judges particularly liked the task element.


Nicola Aird2nd place (£20): Nicola Aird

Jacobs, UK

The judges felt that this poster had a great message, simply presented with a very colourful, good, clear layout and relevant topic theme. It is suitable for the age category and has great diversity within the imagery, emphasising  positive inclusion. The judges particularly loved the use of “nuclear” as an acronym.


Winners of the Secondary Schools category

Rubayet Alam1st place (£50): Rubayet Alam

Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

The judges felt that this poster had impact and stood out. The poster has a great format with a good use of images and small chunks of information which brilliantly demonstrated the career path.


Alexandra Gibson2nd place (£20): Alexandra Gibson

Civil Nuclear Cyber Security Nuclear Directorate, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, UK

The judges felt that this poster was clear, informative, and full of positive messaging which would work in any STEM-related classroom. Simple images with a few nice atom facts thrown in. The use of a woman at the front is a nice touch.


Samuel HallHighly Commended (£15): Samuel Hall


The judges felt that this poster deserved recognition for the effort put in to it. It is insightful and topical in terms of information with a very good explanation for the workings of this technology. The poster is well laid out and includes great use of images and diagrams to help the understanding of each block. An excellent resource for a science classroom.



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