18 April 2021

Opportunity to win free online coaching

icon for coachingWe’re delighted to be able to offer WiN UK members the opportunity to win a series of online coaching sessions with one of 2 accomplished practitioners.

As part of WiN UK’s strategy that will be launched later this year, we aim to provide leadership development support to our members. Whilst we are currently developing the content for our Leadership Development workstream, we are excited to start bringing great opportunities like this one to our members as part of this support.

Watch this space for more…

Are you ready to challenge yourself? If so, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn about yourself and what you might do to further develop yourself and your career.

Understand more about what you can achieve via coaching on the CIPD website

What is on offer?

3 winning applicants will be offered session with either Anna Sheryn or Beverley Petrossian. See biographies below.

The online coaching sessions will include an initial introductory session and between 2 to 6 1hr-coaching sessions (usually £150 per session).


  • There will be no commitment to more than 6 sessions made without discussion with you from a budgetary perspective.
  • Sessions will be held at 4-5 weekly intervals, unless agreed more or less frequently to meet specific challenges which might be time bound.
  • There will be reasonable ad hoc support available in-between sessions, where appropriate, along with reading material where relevant.
  • Any use of psychometric tools, such as MBTI or EIP3, will incur additional costs.

Anna Sheryn

Anna Sheryn

Anna Sheryn

Anna is motivated by inspiring people to break away from their status quo and realise their potential in whatever context: in business, in family, in sport, with their whole self.

She is enthusiastic and committed with a strong sense of fun. It’s important to Anna to be involved and bring an energy to working together to create a strong sense of purpose. She believes success and impact are as much about how we are, or a way of being, as what we do. And we all have the right for opportunities to grow, be healthier and feel happier.

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Anna has worked in various industry sectors including public and private sectors. She has extensive experience of career coaching, leadership level and executive coaching and team coaching. Clients have described their coaching with Anna as ‘like being pulled through a hedge backwards’ – which Anna takes as a compliment in challenging them to think differently.

Beverley Petrossian

Beverley Petrossian

Beverley Petrossian

Beverley is an accomplished Organisational Development practitioner, executive coach and supervisor with over 20 years’ experience of internal and external consultancy in both public sector and private sector organisations.

Her proven track record includes successful organisational change interventions including the development of organisational coaching cultures, executive coaching, leadership development, coach development and supervision.

She has worked with senior and exec leaders both individually and with teams. Her approach is described as authentic, challenging and pragmatic.

Who can apply?

The opportunity is available to WiN UK members only.

WiN UK membership is free to anyone considering working in the UK’s nuclear industry or already working in the sector.

If you have not already registered as a member, please become a member before applying.

How do I enter?

Simply register your email address where WiN UK can contact you if you win.

The closing date for submitting your entry is 31 May 2021.

Winning entrants – selected via a lottery – will be notified by 11 June 2021.


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