11 January 2022

Opportunity to join UK-France Mentoring Programme

The UK-France Women in Nuclear initiative is a mentoring programme which brings together early- to mid-career women in the British and French nuclear sectors.

The initiative pairs women from the nuclear sector with a senior female mentor from another country, providing events and site visits to help women form a network.

This is an excellent opportunity for women in the nuclear sector who are looking to expand their international network and to learn from some of the most senior women in the British and French nuclear industries.

We are looking for women with 5-10 years of professional experience in the nuclear sector who would benefit from mentoring. We encourage a range of applicants, from apprentices to project managers to engineers and chemists.

No previous experience of working in France/the UK is necessary, but please demonstrate why you are interested in France, why you want to build your international network and what you are looking to learn from your mentor.

Complete the online form to express interest in joining this mentoring programme

Applications are open until 28 January 2022

If you have any questions related to this opportunity or would be interested in becoming a mentor (if you have 15+ years of experience in the UK nuclear sector) for French women in nuclear, email John.Bilton@beis.gov.uk.

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