4 May 2021

Mendip Media create inspirational videos for WiN UK

WiN UK is massively grateful for the creative genius of the production company Mendip Media, working alongside WiN UK’s Western branch, to create two fantastic videos aimed at attracting more women into our industry.

We encourage all our members and followers to share links to these videos so that we encourage even more people to progress their career in our fascinating nuclear industry.

What is Girl Power?

This short video profiles women from both civil nuclear and defence roles. It highlights how, by working collaboratively, ambitious and intelligent women rise to meet exciting challenges in an innovative industry. Be inspired, be a woman in nuclear.

Believe you can be anything you want to be…as a woman in nuclear

This short video encourages viewers to explore what they can achieve in a career in nuclear, and encourages joining WiN UK, which is here to help.

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