Western Regional Team

The WiN Western team continue to promoted a variety of opportunities for women to thrive in the nuclear industry. They have hosted inspirational events, created networking opportunities, as well as promoting career pathways to the younger generation.

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Regional Leads

Image of Veronique Kayem

Veronique Kayem

Regional Lead

Image of Rebecca Crossman

Rebecca Crossman

Deputy Regional Lead

Team Members

Image of Nicky Robertson

Nicky Robertson

Stakeholder & Marketing Lead

Image of Lola Coker

Lola Coker

Stakeholder & Marketing Lead

Image of Ian Meyers

Ian Meyers

Mentoring Lead

Image of Charlie Sanders

Charlie Sanders

Mentoring Lead

Image of Jayde Riley

Jayde Riley

Mentoring Lead

Image of Clara Martin Rodriguez

Clara Martin Rodriguez

Attraction & Retention Lead

Image of Latifah Salawu

Latifah Salawu

Attraction & Retention Lead, Transverse Lead

Image of Lida Bosa

Lida Bosa

Events Lead

Image of Ruth Aldred

Ruth Aldred

Events Lead

Image of Isabella Bentley

Isabella Bentley

Events Lead & Mentoring Lead

Image of Zoe Young

Zoe Young

Communications Lead

Image of Laura Odonoghue

Laura Odonoghue

Communications Lead

Image of Phillippa Gater

Phillippa Gater

Ambassador & Membership Lead

Image of Natalia Shcherbak

Natalia Shcherbak

Ambassador & Membership Lead

Image of Vanessa Tsanang

Vanessa Tsanang

Tranverse Lead

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