London & South East Regional Team

The WiN London and South East team host inspirational events, create networking opportunities, as well as promoting career pathways for those within the nuclear sector or thinking of joining.

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Regional Lead

Image of Charlotte Preedy

Charlotte Preedy

Regional Lead

Team Members

Image of Karen Rowe

Karen Rowe

Comms Lead

Image of Narmeen Rehman

Narmeen Rehman

Deputy & General Support

Image of Frankie Brookes

Frankie Brookes

Industry Lead

Image of Katherine Turner

Katherine Turner

Events Lead

Image of Ananda Buchanan

Ananda Buchanan

Attraction Lead

Image of Emmanuelle Chardon

Emmanuelle Chardon

Events and Outreach Support

Image of Debbie Breasley

Debbie Breasley

General Support

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